If you’ve never heard of Fik Shun, you’re about to. Watch his pop and lock epic dance routine and be amazed. I think the song choice (a remix of Jibbs’ Chain Hang Low by Crizzly & AFK) goes perfectly with this routine, while watching I felt like all his moves matched the beat of the song. I couldn’t pick my jaw up from the floor.

When you pair the sheer awesomeness of his moves with the fact that his shoe lace comes untied midway through the routine and has zero impact on him, it’s just… wow.

Favorite moments

  • When it looks like his shirt is animated.
  • When he spins himself using just his hand while seated on the floor.
  • When he moves his entire body but keeps his neck still.
  • When he uses his belt as a mic.

What do you think? What’s your favorite part of this epic dance routine? Leave a comment!

Hat tip to my friend Alissa for showing me this video.

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