Thank you for your interest in advertising on WeedTechie. Two out of three adults support marijuana legalization and the wave is spreading across the United States. There are more weed-curious consumers in the marketplace than ever before. This supportive majority spans across regional, age, gender, and political party groups.

As we move towards legalization, the interest in weed will continue to grow, making now the perfect time to start getting in front of potential customers.

Working with us

Advertising on WeedTechie isn’t like most other places on the Internet. When you advertise on WeedTechie, we consider you a lifetime partner of the site no matter how long your campaign with us may be. We only want to work with advertisers whose products and/or services we like and feel comfortable recommending, therefore, even when your campaign ends, chances are you can expect us to still talk about/recommend your product and/or service in the future. And because we’re picky about who we work with, you can expect to be in good company.


If you would like to purchase or have any questions about purchasing advertising on WeedTechie, please contact us.


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